Custom Software Solutions

We develop custom user-centric, secure, scalable software solutions using CI/CD methodology and DevSecOps principles.

AI and ML Expertise

We provide expertise in machine learning, language models, algorithms, computer vision, sound processing, and edge devices with embedded neural networks.


Our team of dedicated software engineers is ready to join your development project at any stage.

Digital Modernization

We assist businesses in assessing software infrastructure and migrating solutions to the cloud for a better user experience.


Vetted engineers for staffing

Flexible cooperation models allow our clients to hire an end-to-end dedicated team or strengthen their software development project with a single engineer.

High quality development services

We create efficient and user-friendly solutions for clients from various industries. Our team can develop a solution from scratch to launch, integrate APIs and databases, and build both web and mobile apps.

Getting rid of outdated systems problems

We modernize legacy applications and migrate them to modern technologies.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

We provide expertise in machine learning, language models, algorithms, computer vision and sound processing, and edge devices with embedded neural networks.

Strengthening solutions with innovations

We create advanced solutions that involve intricate algorithms, mathematical models, and deep-in research of business processes.

Flexible and scalable solutions

Reducing development costs, delivering solutions faster, and reducing the risk of deployments is possible with our profound expertise in cloud services.

User-Centric Software

We gather all our experience in user behavior, software logic, and design thinking to create a user-centric software solution.

Shaping The Vision

We reduce development costs and time while maximizing the efficiency of your software development process.

Expert Services

We help companies in designing and implementing new software solutions and creating scalable infrastructures.

Our recent projects

AI and ML Expertise
Virtual Assistants: Chatbot-Generated Internal Documentation
The Virtual Assistant project streamlined internal documentation creation using a chatbot for a manufacturer with 300 employees across various departments.
IT Staff Augmentation
IT Staff Augmentation Services for Construction Software Company
Enhancing construction web and mobile applications with new UI components
Web Development
Dilemma-Based Learning Platform
LMS platform for education institutions
Custom Software Development
CRM System for lawyer company
Customer relationship management system for lawyer company
MVP Development
Logistics Software Solution for Real-Time Data Tracking and Monitoring
Logistics Software for Data Tracking and Monitoring
Custom Software Development
CRM System AutoBroker
CRM System with automated search on third-party platforms

Meet our team

Hire full-stack dedicated teams or even a single software engineer your project lacks among 70+ experts — 40+ full-stack developers, 15 QA engineers, 3 PM, and 3 BA
Passionate Software Development Engineers
at AdvantISS
AdvantISS provides full-stack software development. It is possible because we have strong Software Development Engineers onboard. Both front-end and back-end specialists work on our projects. Engineers of all seniority levels are on our team and ready to build a business solution for you.
Attentive Quality Assurance and Test Automation Engineers
at AdvantISS
Software quality is our core value. Quality Assurance and Test Automation Engineers check preciously all software modules and configurations. So you can be sure that it meets all your expectations and requirements.
Experienced Project Managers and Business Analysts
at AdvantISS
Since we present a full-stack software development team, we are ready to build a solution from scratch. Our Business Analysts and Project Managers are responsible for initial research, road map creating, requirements analysis, prototyping, creating and maintaining lists of tasks, and team management. Also, they are clients’ best friends through the project life cycle.
Thoughtful Back-Office
at AdvantISS
We care a lot about teammates' knowledge, actualization, and professional development. Also, their well-being is core for us. Our HR/Recruitment department works every day to create and maintain the dream team. The Sales and Marketing department cares about AdvantISS engineers too. They are looking for interesting and complex projects. Our Business Development Managers are doing their best to scale our company for clients’ and team happiness.

Why choose us

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Profound Digital Expertise

We are not afraid of legacy code and know how to understand someone else's code and product. Our engineers are ready to deal with complicated projects

Lean and Effective Approach

We help organizations build and integrate software solutions to fit specific needs, improve pain points with efficiency, save money, and keep their competitive edge.

Flexible Working Model

We are ready to join at any stage of the project, fix bugs and inaccuracies, redesign the structure, and give new life to the project.

Easy way to hire developers

Big team, quickly closing the need for specialists. The
procedure is as simple as possible.

Our blog posts

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28 February
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26 February
The Power of Tech Solutions: Transforming Logistics & Transportation
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12 February
Tips For The First-Time Collaboration With Software Developers
Learn what to pay attention to when hiring a dedicated team to develop a digital solution. Expert recommendations for achieving success.
02 February
A new era for ESG industry: automation of processes, reporting and decision-making
Discover the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria, and explore cutting-edge technologies automating ESG implementation.

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