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Brokerage CRM system. Do you have a similar request?
Custom Software Development
01 /06
CRM System AutoBroker
CRM System with automated search on third-party platforms
Integrate CRM with KMALEON Abogados and Hubspot API. Do you have a similar request?
API Integration
02 /06
Integrate CRM with KMALEON and Hubspot
AdvantISS Case about Hubspot CRM API and KMALEON Abogados API integration
3D training system. Do you have a similar request?
Web Development
03 /06
Web Management Console
Integration of 3D Training system for engineer company
CRM for lawyers. Do you have a similar request?
Custom Software Development
04 /06
CRM System for lawyer company
Customer relationship management system for lawyer company
CRM for artists and artists' managers. Do you have a similar request?
Custom Software Development
05 /06
CRM System for artists managers
For relation management between event company and artists
Custom CRM System CallCenter. Do you have a similar request?
API Integration
06 /06
CRM System CallCenter
CRM System with Schools Search API Integration
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Meet our software development team

AdvantISS Engineers develop custom software, integrate third-party solutions and APIs, develop databases, provide QA testing and technical support. Our clients can hire a full-stack Dedicated Teams or Software Engineers with missing technology experience. The company counts around 60 experts, 30 of them are full-stack developers, 12 QA engineers, 3 PM, and 3 BA.

Passionate Software Development Engineers
at AdvantISS

AdvantISS provides full-stack software development. It is possible because we have strong Software Development Engineers onboard. Both front-end and back-end specialists work on our projects. Engineers of all seniority levels are on our team and ready to build a business solution for you.

Passionate Software Development Engineers
at AdvantISS
Attentive Quality Assurance and Test Automation Engineers
at AdvantISS

Software quality is our core value. Quality Assurance and Test Automation Engineers check preciously all software modules and configurations. So you can be sure that it meets all your expectations and requirements.

Attentive Quality Assurance and Test Automation Engineers
at AdvantISS
Experienced Project Managers and Business Analysts
at AdvantISS

Since we present a full-stack software development team, we are ready to build a solution from scratch. Our Business Analysts and Project Managers are responsible for initial research, road map creating, requirements analysis, prototyping, creating and maintaining lists of tasks, and team management. Also, they are clients’ best friends through the project life cycle.

Experienced Project Managers and Business Analysts
at AdvantISS
Thoughtful Back-Office
at AdvantISS

We care a lot about teammates' knowledge, actualization, and professional development. Also, their well-being is core for us. Our HR/Recruitment department works every day to create and maintain the dream team. The Sales and Marketing department cares about AdvantISS engineers too. They are looking for interesting and complex projects. Our Business Development Managers are doing their best to scale our company for clients’ and team happiness.

Thoughtful Back-Office
at AdvantISS

why choose us

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Profound Digital Expertise

Our professional Business Analysts research your business very carefully. We build IT-solutions not according to the prepared template, but around your workflows and business goals.

Lean and Effective Approach

We help organizations build and integrate software solutions to fit specific needs, improve pain points with efficiency, save money, and keep their competitive edge.

Flexible Working Model

Our clients are engaged in the development process right at the outset of our collaboration. We are always able to correct running tasks.

Data Protection

Worried about privacy? We are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement to be on the right path to the perfect end-product.


how it works


Free Initial Consultation

Ready to answer all questions and make an offer

At the first stage of the process, we carefully listen to all your objectives, demands, and desires you expect to see in an end-product. We pay high attention to details aiming to form the most accurate and clearest picture of your vision and to receive the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the product you want?
  • What are the goals it should solve?
  • When do you want it to be done?

We differ from the others because our approach is personalized i.e. based on customer-specific needs.


how it works


Prototyping and creating a project roadmap

Project Analysis and First Steps

As soon as we receive all the necessary background information about your conception of the project, we begin bringing it to life. But before developers start to write code, we make appropriate preparations beforehand. At this juncture, we make a project plan and form a prototype. Our managers, developers, and designers work in strong collaboration with each other. We form a schedule to streamline tasks, draft appropriate documentation, make a pre-feasibility study, and work out a final strategy. While completing these steps, we’re always taking your needs into account and making sure that all of them materialize into action.


how it works


Development and Testing

We Write The Code and Verify It

This is where we make your vision a real active site or program. At the stage of development, our specialists build all components of the site or app, construct the user interface and user experience, test products for the purpose of performance, usability, user-friendliness, functionality, security, etc. After completing all the previous stages, if you’re 100% satisfied with the result our professionals have provided, you’ll receive the end-product which will totally correspond to your expectations and settled goals.

During the worker process, you will always keep your finger on the pulse. Our clients are always provided with up-to-date data such as progress updates and reports of performance, quality, account, etc. We are attentive to the changes and requirements you might want to make. Thus we are always able to correct running tasks and short-term targets to be completely sure that we are on the right path to the perfect end-product.


how it works


Ongoing Support

We Support Our Customers

The end of the development process doesn’t mean the end of our cooperation with customers. We will give technical support in all possible ways and will provide further services and support. Anything you may need in future usage of the program or site we’ve made, we will supply you with. Our specialists will help you with settings and updates, and lend a hand in general consultations so you will be able to experience all the functions, benefits, and opportunities of the product.

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