Custom Software Solutions

We develop custom user-centric, secure, scalable software solutions using CI/CD methodology and DevSecOps principles.

AI and ML Expertise

We provide expertise in machine learning, language models, algorithms, computer vision, sound processing, and edge devices with embedded neural networks.


Our team of dedicated software engineers is ready to join your development project at any stage.

Digital Modernization

We assist businesses in assessing software infrastructure and migrating solutions to the cloud for a better user experience.


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Vetted engineers for staffing
Flexible cooperation models enable clients to hire a dedicated team or augment their software project with a single engineer.

Dedicated Team Allocation Niche Tech Expertise Talent Deployment Adaptive Team Solutions Optimized Cost Control Enhanced Project Control
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Custom Software Development

High quality development services
We develop solutions from scratch to launch, integrate APIs and databases, and build both web and mobile apps.

Custom Web Application Development Custom Desktop Software Development Mobile Application and Mobile Enablement Startup MVP Development API Integration DevOps Services
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Legacy System Modernization

Getting rid of outdated systems problems
We specialize in updating and migrating legacy applications to modern technologies for enhanced performance and sustainability.

Application porting Mobile enablement Cloud migration Web enablement Database migration Usability re-engineering
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning
We specialize in machine learning, algorithms, computer vision, sound processing, and embedded neural networks for edge devices.

AI Agents and LLMs Development AI for Embedded Devices and IoT/Wearables Computer Vision and Sound Processing Data Science Expertise and Consulting Natural Language Processing Implementation Data Transformation and Model Training Automized Recommendation Systems
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Research & Development

Strengthening solutions with innovations
We create advanced solutions that involve intricate algorithms, mathematical models, and deep-in research of business processes.

Mathematical R&D AI R&D Audio and Video Processing Edge ML R&D Edge AI R&D
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Cloud Services & Solutions

Flexible and scalable solutions
We cut costs, speed up solutions, and minimize deployment risks with our deep expertise in cloud services.

Cloud Migration Data Migration DevSecOps Cloud Cost Optimization CI/CD Automation
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UI/UX Design

User-Centric Software
We gather all our experience in user behavior, software logic, and design thinking to create a user-centric software solution.

Wireframes and Layouts Development Web/Mobile Application Design Prototypes and Proof-of-concept Data visualization Design Systems Usability Testing Information Architecture User Experience (UX) Design Responsive Design
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Business Analysis

Shaping The Vision
We reduce development costs and time while maximizing the efficiency of your software development process.

Requirements Determination Modeling and Wireframing Planning and Estimation Project Presentation to Investors Stakeholder Management Market Research
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IT Consulting

Expert Services
We help companies in designing and implementing new software solutions and creating scalable infrastructures.

IT Project Management Infrastructure Assessment Cloud Enablement Technology Strategy Consulting Business Intelligence Digital Transformation
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Recognition received by the company

AdvantISS is recognized as a trusted tech partner.
  • Top voice and speech company in Ukraine 2024

  • Top IT services company in Supply Chain, Logistic & Transport

  • Top IT services company in Automotive

  • Top IT services company in Legal

  • Top CRM and Consulting company in Ukraine 2023

  • 100% Job Success Score

  • Top Computer Vision Company in Ukraine 2024

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