E-commerce Platform with Warehouse Database Integration

E-commerce Platform for an American Retailer for Management Online and Offline Stores


Our client was an American company that specialized in selling accessories for sports, healthy living, hobbies, travel, and home decor. They had multiple warehouses that supply goods from various manufacturers, in addition to several offline stores.

Project duration

6 months - MVP development


The client’s company had an existing warehouse management system that received products from different manufacturers and supplied them to offline stores. The main requirement from the company was to develop an e-commerce platform that could help them expand their geographical reach and increase sales through online presence.


  • Develop a robust e-commerce platform to facilitate geographical expansion and increase sales.
  • Integrate the online platform with existing warehouse management systems, cash register programs used in physical stores, and communication channels with suppliers.
  • Implement an intuitive admin panel to manage the online store efficiently.p
  • Provide a seamless user experience for customers, enabling easy browsing, selection, and purchase of products.
  • Automate the generation of postal invoices for online orders.


Our team collaborated with the client’s company on an outsourcing model.


Intuitive User Interface
Extensive Product Catalog
Secure Shopping Cart and Checkout
Real-time Order Trackin
Customer Account Management
Comprehensive Admin Dashboard
Efficient Product Management
Seamless Inventory Tracking
Supplier Communication Portal


1 Project Manager
1 Technical Lead
3 Software Developers
2 Quality Assurance Engineers
1 DevOps Engineer


  • The e-commerce platform facilitated geographical expansion, allowing the client’s company to reach 5 new states.
  • They increased their sales turnover by 1.8 times during the first quarter of the launch of the platform.
  • The implementation of automated processes for inventory management, order processing, and deployment significantly enhanced operational efficiency.
  • They reduced the probability of the product being out of stock to 5%.