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It will be a pleasure to help you with decision-making or new ideas generation for your business.

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Check your solution for using these legacy technologies
18 October
Legacy Modernization
How to recognize outdated technology in a digital solution? Check your software for using these legacy technologies.
How to Cut Expenditures With Legacy Code Migration
30 September
Legacy Modernization
Why is it worth upgrading your legacy digital solutions, and what benefits does legacy migration promise to business?
Why Should Your Business Consider Legacy Migration?
6 September
Legacy Modernization
What is the risk of digital transformation of business, and what role does legacy application play in it? Is it necessary to modernize your product, and how to do it painlessly? That’s what we are going to talk about today.
How to support people in Ukraine? Charity funds list
13 May
If you want to help Ukraine beat evil and save Ukrainians' lives, you can check the charity list below.
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