Legacy System Modernization

We provide a range of services for business owners who have legacy systems that need to be updated to keep up with actual business needs.

The AdvantISS Team is here to help you modernize your existing software and boost its efficiency, agility, and scalability.

We provide a range of services for owners who have legacy systems that need to be updated to keep up with actual business needs. To stay competitive in the evolving market, forward-looking organizations transform their application environments and gain greater efficiency, agility, and scalability.

Why is it worth modernizing legacy software?

Reasons for legacy modernization:

  • Preventing further disruption
  • Further maintenance becomes easier
  • Cleaner and well-structured code
  • Convenient and actual UX/UI
  • Clear documentation
  • Stronger security level
  • Simply API and third-party integrations process
  • Easier to find and onboard new developers

Migration service will take your company from the old school to modern technology. We specialize in helping you move your enterprise workloads and applications into cloud-based solutions so they can be available on any device or platform – wherever users are!

Technology migration Services

Application porting
Port your application to another OS as a native or cross-platform (hybrid application)
Cloud migration
Migration of services to the cloud – migrate web apps hosted on-premises to scalable apps in the cloud
Web enablement
Convert desktop applications to modern web apps and cloud solutions
Mobile enablement for enterprise mobility
Let your employees use integrated enterprise software on any device
Database migration
Don’t lose data while migrating solutions to modern technologies
Usability re-engineering
Enhance customer experience and relations

From Legacy to modern technologies

We work with such legacy technologies as:

  • ASP.NET WebFroms
  • Winforms migrate to Web
  • Silverlight
  • Visual Basic
  • Delphi
  • AngularJs
  • MS SQL of old versions (before 2010)

And move them to our modern technology stack:

  •  ASP.NET Core backend
  • Angular front-end
  • React front-end
  • Electron hybrid app
  • Ionic hybrid app
  • AWS cloud
  • Azure cloud

Check our technology migration Case


The client is a development department of the Ministry in EU-country. This institution deals with finance and taxes. They have a platform (portal with a document management system) for running some affairs.

The Ministry had used this platform for several years before our team joined the project. The solution architecture and design were created almost 15 years ago using old technologies like ASP.NET Webforms and jQuery and needed to be redesigned and updated due to modern UX interfaces, migrate to single page application on Angular and Backend on .Net Core engine. The new solution had to persist all features as in the existing product, but become more maintainable, performant, and user-friendly.

Read the Case

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