Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services

We build software solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence

AdvantISS builds custom AI solutions for leveraging business processes. We provide expertise in machine learning, language models, algorithms, computer vision and sound processing, and edge devices with embedded neural networks.

AI and ML Solutions by AdvantISS

AI Agents Creation
Leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, we craft advanced AI agents that provide reasoning and decision-making capabilities without human interaction.
AI for Embedded Devices and IoT/Wearables
We specialize in edge computing for AI solutions optimized for IoT devices and wearables. Our expertise allows for real-time data processing and autonomous decision-making.
Computer Vision and Sound Processing
Expanding our services to computer vision and sound processing, we equip your business with the ability to understand and interpret visual and auditory data.
Data Science Expertise
With a solid foundation in data science, we leverage mathematics, statistics, programming, and analytics to unlock insights and predictions from data. Our expertise enables AI-powered businesses to build data-driven solutions that create real customer value.
Natural Language Processing Implementation
We specialize in implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions. Our team designs and constructs systems capable of effectively understanding, translating, and generating human language.
Data Transformation and Model Training
Our service transforms raw data into actionable insights using advanced techniques and machine learning algorithms. We help businesses make data-driven decisions with confidence and efficiency.
Atomized Recommender Systems
Harness the power of deep learning to create personalized recommendation systems that analyze user preferences, historical data, and behavior.

Showcasing Accomplished Projects

AI-driven Chatting System

Our team built an intelligent system, powered by AI, that can automate product information retrieving and buyer consulting with minimal human involvement.

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AI-driven Art Evaluation Platform

The platform includes a neural network for the independent evaluation of art objects and an art market database that is constantly updating and checking information from other platforms and auctions.

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AI-driven Art Evaluation Platform

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