AI Art Evaluation Platform

The AdvantISS team delivered an AI-powered platform to a consulting firm specializing in the art market. It includes the evaluation of art objects with advanced neural networks and an up-to-date art market database.


Our client was a consulting firm that focused on assisting in the art market. They cater to researchers, buyers from large enterprises, and independent collectors who seek reliable and accurate evaluations of art objects.

Project duration

9 months - MVP Development



Traditional methods of art object evaluation relied heavily on subjective expert opinions, leading to inconsistencies and potential biases in assessments. Additionally, accessing up-to-date market data was cumbersome and time-consuming, hindering the accuracy of evaluations. This lack of efficiency and reliability in the evaluation process often resulted in suboptimal decision-making for researchers, buyers, and collectors alike.

Client requirements

  • Both web and mobile apps for client’s company employees
  • Automated evaluation of art objects, including paintings, drawings, collectible stamps, and wines
  • Show historical and recent prices and facts about objects
  • Integration of art market databases from various auctions 
  • Ability to save preferences for customized searches
  • Reports on a single art object evaluation and collections
  • Built-in camera and ability to upload photos of objects
  • Ability to transfer to SaaS


Neural Network Evaluation
Art Market Database
Accuracy Assurance
Personalized User Profiles
Evaluation History and Reporting
Multi-Platform Access


1 Project Manager
1 Data Scientists/ML Engineer
1 UI/UX Designer
4 Software Developers
2 Mobile App Developers
2 QA Engineers


  • Discrepancies between automated evaluations and expert opinions were reduced to a maximum of 5% in complex categories, typically less than 1%.
  • Automated evaluations reduced assessment time by 19%, enabling instant evaluations via image uploads.
  • Integrated data from over 45 auction houses provided access to historical and recent prices and facts.
  • Maintained a detailed evaluation history, increasing transparency and accountability.
  • Improved service quality led to 93% client trust and satisfaction, reinforcing the firm’s leadership in the art market.