Research and Development

We create advanced solutions that involve intricate algorithms, mathematical models, and deep-in research of business processes.

R&D Consulting Services

Mathematical R&D
Our team of experts conducts thorough mathematical research to create sophisticated algorithms and models. This allows startups to tackle intricate problems and streamline their operations.
Our company utilizes artificial intelligence to conduct advanced research and develop intelligent algorithms and systems that can improve decision-making processes and automate tasks for enterprises.
Audio and Video Processing R&D
We use our audio and video processing knowledge to create new methods and tools that help enterprises improve the quality of their multimedia content and analyze data more efficiently.
Edge ML R&D
Our main focus is on edge machine learning which involves deploying machine learning models on edge devices. This enables enterprises to make real-time and localized decisions.
Edge AI R&D
Our focus on edge artificial intelligence involves creating AI models and algorithms that startups can use on their edge devices. This enables them to take advantage of intelligent capabilities directly at the edge of their networks.

How do we excel?

By hiring engineers from AdvantISS you only gain
Vast selection of IT experts

who are certified in cloud architecture, AI, and startup innovation

Proven track record

in industries with high-level tech requirements: automotive, manufacturing, legal tech, fintech, education

A collaborative approach

that is agile and has a strong cultural alignment

Boutique type of company

providing each client with personalized attention and efficient task completion

Showcasing Accomplished Projects

AI sensor for analyzing sounds from the environment


The project’s objective is to identify the audio signals of hostile aircraft in real-time, promptly notifying users, and giving crucial information to defense centers for preemptive actions.

Need to know more?
Prototype of a device for sound analysis, which was developed as part of our R&D Services

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