IT Consulting Services

AdvantISS provides IT consulting services to assist companies in designing and implementing new software solutions, creating scalable infrastructures, and managing IT resources effectively.

Our IT Consulting Services

IT Project Management
Our consultant will lead a comprehensive strategy session with your team to explain the nuances of the SDLC and plan your software solution development.
IT Infrastructure Assessment
Our team of IT consultants will assess your current IT infrastructure, including networks, software, and security measures. We will develop a modernization plan that aligns with your business objectives, scalability needs, and security requirements.
Cloud Enablement
We will assist you in migrating all IT operations to cloud-based solutions, which will provide greater flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency.
Technology Strategy Consulting
Our Tech Leads and CTO will select the best technical stack for your project and provide professional justification.
Business Intelligence
AdvantISS provides enterprise systems for decision-making, resource, and customer management. We advise companies on choosing the type of solution and starting development.
Digital Transformation
Our consultant will assess your digital presence and collaboratively develop a plan for process digitalization.

Our Approach to IT Consulting

  • We build a clear software solution vision for all the stakeholders.
  • Opportunities for further development and expansion are as important as current market requirements.
  • Solution requirements detailing, component prioritization, and engineering backlog are core for further development planning.
  • Transforming the architecture and design of a legacy solution can be profitable if led by transformation experts.
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Our IT consulting experts will review your existing software solutions or development ideas.
The consultant engages all the needed tech specialists to create a strategy for modernizing your legacy solution or developing a new one.
We will monitor and analyze your workflow throughout the digital transformation project or new product development.
Our tech team and IT consulting advisors will provide advice to solve any issues and ensure future scalability, safety, and user-centricity of the product.


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