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We build flexible and scalable Cloud Solutions

Reducing development costs, delivering solutions faster, and reducing the risk of deployments is possible with our profound expertise in cloud services.

Cloud Services by AdvantISS

Migrating solutions to the cloud
We re-host, re-platform, and transform applications for the cloud. We specialize in decomposing monolithic systems into microservices for efficient skill utilization, faster time-to-market, scalable teams, and optimal resource usage.
Data Migration
We support data migration and utilization for on-premise to cloud transitions or cloud-based data solutions, providing expertise in designing various data solutions like SQL and NoSQL DBMS, Big Data, real-time data processing, business intelligence, data science, and artificial intelligence.
DevSecOps integrates development, security, and operations, ensuring compliance, automation, standardization, and efficient team communication.
Cloud-Native Solutions
Cloud-native architectures enable fast and safe creation and launch of services, while reducing deployment risks through infrastructure automation.

Cloud-Native Expertise - Infrastructure Management

To bring cloud-native solutions to a new level, our team has developed an innovative open-source product Cloudreef. 

CloudReef is working on the OpenSource CNCF solutions distribution based on Kubernetes as a universal All-in-One installation package for Cloud Markets and our Partners.

This stack is complex in itself. It includes about 40+ different tools, emphasizing multi-cloud and self-support, with a minimal operational footprint and cost-effectiveness.

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CloudReef goals

➢ Compatibility guarantees for the entire platform application stack
➢ Unified configuration, taking into account the dependencies of all applications
➢ Organizational management with the distribution of access rights according to projects, departments, and user roles in the organization
➢ The latest development approaches to simplify and reduce the cost of long-term support and operation
➢ Easy porting of existing applications and backward compatibility with most existing DevOps practices on the market

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