Autobroker case study

Development of a service for finding a car, with filtering and a personal account


An automotive company that includes departments for each stage of buying a vehicle on the US auctions: selecting, buying, shipping across the ocean, customs clearance and car repair.

Project duration

6 months - an MVP development


  1. Managers of brokerage companies spend a lot of time communicating with clients to determine their needs. However, when they communicate with a client through different channels, the context of the conversation can be lost. Therefore, we needed to bring all communication channels into a single system.
  2. While searching and selecting required vehicles, managers must check all sites for new ads every day. It was necessary to organize an automated search on third-party platforms according to the specified criteria.
  3. At each stage, from vehicle selection by the client to the transfer of this vehicle in the buyer’s country, managers need to track the car and notify specialists from other departments (Delivery, Documents, Repair). All these processes are time consuming and ineffective.

The solution

Since the client didn’t have a clear picture of a solution at the beginning of the cooperation, we decided to incorporate prototyping into the development process. Our business analyst offered to automate the search of vehicles at auctions in the USA, the bidding process at auctions, the purchase of vehicles, and the communication between brokers and partners/customers. The delivered solution prototype helped our client comprehensively test the concept and resolve most initial uncertainties over requirements.

The AdvantISS development team engineered a custom digital platform based on .NET Core and MS SQL. We built and deployed both front-end and back-end software parts, as well as handled the required integrations and data synchronization. The developed system had the client and broker accounts.

In our new CRM, data about vehicles is collected from a few services, which is then compiled and shown in an easy but advanced search based on suitable criteria. Brokers can work in CRM either with teammates or all by themselves. The convenient dashboard makes conducting deals easier.

Firstly, brokers can organize all future deals in the Calendar. Secondly, they can add attachments to each deal and chat about it on the platform. Also, there is an implemented email service with which brokers can send info about a vehicle to a certain customer. Thanks to these features, the time to close the deal was reduced by 40%.


Visualization of all stages of a transaction in the pipeline
Implementing functionality for creating deals of brokers and its tracking with drag-and-drop functionality
Receiving information about newly available vehicles from the wide list of the US auctions
Data tracking in different time zones
Connection to brokerage platforms
Frontend and Backend development of the project


6 Full-stack Software Engineers
2 Quality Assurance Engineers
1 Project Manager


  1. Quick start of the first version and timely, project delivery
  2. Users concluded 104 deals in the first month through the platform
  3. We got 92% positive reviews from the product’s initial users