Our Projects

Are you looking for a software development team? It is a pleasure for us to help your company or product scale and conquer high results. Our software engineers have a valuable development experience background. Read about some of our software development projects below.

Web Development
02 /020
Insurance ERP: Policy Tracking, Compliance, and Client Management
Enhancing client management, policy tracking, and compliance through automated workflows, centralized data, and system integration
Web Development
03 /020
CRM System Customization for a Legal Consulting Company
Open Source CRM System Development for a Legal Consulting Company
MVP Development
06 /020
Logistics Software Solution for Real-Time Data Tracking and Monitoring
Logistics Software for Data Tracking and Monitoring
AI Solution
07 /020
AI Surveillance for Customer Flow Optimization
AI-powered software for real-time visitor counting, occupancy tracking, and route analysis
MVP Development
08 /020
Integrated ERP System for Construction Projects
Construction ERP solution for optimizing efficiency and control in commercial building projects
MVP Development
011 /020
Crowdfunding platform Groufi
Crowdfunding platform for raising funds for projects of different types
Web Development
012 /020
Dilemma-Based Learning Platform
LMS platform for education institutions
Custom Software Development
014 /020
CRM system for B2B legal company
CRM with payment and document management systems, Dwolla and Plaid integration
API Integration
015 /020
Integration of the CRM with KMALEON and Hubspot
AdvantISS Case about Hubspot CRM API and KMALEON Abogados API integration
Custom Software Development
016 /020
CRM System for lawyer company
Customer relationship management system for lawyer company
Custom Software Development
017 /020
CRM System for artists managers
For relation management between event companies and artists
API Integration
019 /020
CRM System CallCenter
CRM System with Schools Search API Integration
Custom Software Development
020 /020
CRM System AutoBroker
CRM System with automated search on third-party platforms