CRM System Customization for a Legal Consulting Company

Custom open-source CRM for legal firms: dual-access portal, smart questionnaires, multilingual support, payment integration, real-time updates, and online chat.


Our client was a law firm that offered a variety of legal services such as legal consulting, legal practice, and representation of clients' interests in court.

Project duration

5 months

Client Requirements

  • Dual Access Portal: Separate interfaces for clients and law firm employees. Each has its interface and functionality. Employees have access to the portal with existing CRM integration. The client has access to the client cabinet with the communication module, all the documents, updates, and payment options.
  • Multi-Language Support: Spanish and English languages. Scalability for additional languages.
  • Automation and Cost Reduction: Minimize manual processes by adding a smart questionnaire on the phase when the client sends a request or registers on the website as a new client. It should gather all the needed information and documentation to proceed with the case. During the survey and file upload, the portal user receives all the necessary instructions.
  • Payment System Integration: Built-in payment system for clients. 
  • Modular Licensing System Integration: Seamless integration with system for file management and verification.
  • File Transfer Optimization: Efficient transfer of files from third-party platforms to CRM.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Notify changes in customer accounts within the CRM system.
  • Online Chat Integration: Online chat is available for both sales to communicate with leads and lawyers to communicate with clients.
  • Electronic (digital) signatures for documents



Automated data gathering and documentation processes
Smart questionnaire
Integration with payment gateways
Modular licensing system integration
Online chat integration
Electronic signatures
Management of the departments, users, roles, and division by access levels
A developed module is adapted for different types of services and products


1 Business Analyst
1 Project Manager
2 Software Engineers
2 Quality Assurance Engineers


  • Customer survey time has become completely digitalized
  • Employees began to process applications 29% faster
  • The level of satisfaction with the quality of service increased to 73%
  • Ability to scale this project for any other services of the company