AI Surveillance for Customer Flow Optimization

AI-powered software for real-time visitor counting, occupancy tracking, and route analysis


The client for this project was a real-estate agency specializing in the management of shopping centers, seeking AI-powered solutions to enhance customer flow optimization and operational efficiency.

Project duration

6 months


Our software solution leverages a network of CCTV cameras as its primary data source, capturing real-time video feeds. These video streams are preprocessed through edge computing nodes for tasks like video compression and privacy protection.  The preprocessed data is then transmitted securely to powerful cloud-based servers for in-depth AI-driven analysis. These servers host machine learning models for real-time people counting, occupancy tracking, POI analysis, and route and flow analysis.  The system integrates seamlessly with existing CRM, POS, and other systems, overlaying weather data for additional insights.

  • Configurable admin panel for zone and parameter definition.
  • Interactive dashboards with predictive analytics.
  • Alerts for high occupancy and long queues.
  • Privacy compliance through anonymized data processing.
  • Social distancing monitoring and anomaly detection.
  • User-friendly mobile app for real-time data access.
  • Scalable to adapt to varying business needs.


Real-Time People Counting
Occupancy Tracking
Point of Interest (POI) Analysis
Route and Flow Analysis
Queue Management
Stay Duration Analysis
Heatmap Visualization
Configurable Admin Panel
Data Reporting & Dashboards
Alerts & Notifications
Social Distancing Monitoring
Anomaly Detection
Weather Data Integration


1 Project Manager
1 Business/Data Analyst
1 UX/UI Designer
2 AI Solution Specialists (Architects)
2 Software Development Engineers
2 Quality Assurance Engineers


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Our AI-Powered Surveillance Solution:

  • Achieved a 20% reduction in wait times
  • Ensured 98% compliance with social distancing guidelines
  • Optimized occupancy, resulting in a 10% increase in rentable space utilization and potential revenue
  • Reduced operational costs by 15% through more efficient staff allocation based on real-time visitor patterns