Integrate CRM with KMALEON and Hubspot

AdvantISS Case about Hubspot CRM API and KMALEON Abogados API integration

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01 Challenge

What challenges did the client set for us?

Our client was a Spanish lawyer company that provides services in the Administrative practice area.

For this API Integration project we needed:

  • Integrate a modular licensing system for files to an existing website
  • Organize the transfer of files from the third-party platform to the CRM system
  • Create notifications in the CRM system that displays changes in the customer’s accounts (accounts are created on the existing website)
  • Develop an online chat on the website, that automatically add conversations to the clients’ cards in CRM

02 Solution

How did we solve the tasks?

The law firm communicated with its clients through an existing website. Their clients sent them many files that relate to their cases. These files had to be uploaded simultaneously to the KMALEON Abogados and the CRM Hubspot.


At the first project stage, our team integrated KMALEON Abogados API. Now all files automatically pass the documentary control and get into the state register. Also, we implement time and costs control, billing, and accounting modules.

Hubspot CRM API

At the second stage, we should have provided automatic data transfer from the web portal to Hubspot CRM. Our engineers configure displaying and interacting with customers’ deals data from their accounts on the Hubspot CRM records, using Hubspot’s CRM Cards API. Now client’s managers see and can update all necessary information (as customers’ personal data, case details, billing documents, legal issues) in one place.

Hubspot Chatflow

Also, we created a live chat on the client’s web portal with Hubspot Chatflow. Now visitors can have a real-time conversation with client managers. It is tied to Hubspot CRM, so all those conversations are automatically added to customer cards.

03 Results

Which results have we achieved?

  • All information and files that come through the website fall both in the licensing and the CRM systems
  • Integrated KMALEON Abogados API
  • Integrated Hubspot’s APIs (CRM, Chatflow, CRM Cards)
04 Resources



6 months


1 Project Manager
3 Software Engineers
1 Quality Assurance Engineers


.Net Core, Angular, PostgreSQL, REST, Hubspot CRM API, Hubspot CRM Cards API, KMALEON API


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