Logistics Software Solution for Real-Time Data Tracking and Monitoring

Container Tracking and Monitoring System for Logistics


Our client operates a dairy production facility with a global distribution network, striving to meet international demand efficiently.

Project duration

9 months (MVP)


The client’s company required personalized software solution development to tackle logistical challenges.

  • Container Monitoring: Difficulty in tracking refrigerated containers efficiently.
  • Real-Time Data Absence: Lack of up-to-date information on container conditions.
  • Manual Data Entry: Labor-intensive data input and reporting.
  • Inefficient Route Planning: Suboptimal route scheduling and planning.
  • Inventory Management Issues: Struggles with inventory control and optimization.
  • Fluctuating Demand Forecasting: Challenges in accurately predicting and responding to changing demand patterns.


The AdvantISS team has developed a comprehensive logistics software solution that addresses the client’s challenges.

Our platform not only resolves the issues of monitoring refrigerated containers but also provides a holistic solution for efficient logistics management. It offers real-time data on container conditions, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of products in optimal condition.

This all-in-one software solution incorporates QR code integration, route planning optimization, automated data entry and reporting, and advanced inventory management and demand forecasting tools, allowing the client to streamline their entire logistics and distribution process easily and precisely.


Real-time data tracking by QR codes
Automatic report generation
Temperature monitoring
Dashboard with up-to-date logistics information
Web and mobile apps for enterprise mobility
User Access Control
Automated Data Entry
Data Backup and Recovery


1 Project Manager
2 Back-end Engineers
2 Front-end Engineers
2 Quality Assurance Engineers
1 Tech Lead


  • Improved tracking and transparency: all the processes are now trackable through the dashboard
  • Reduction of product spoilage: 99% of deliveries without any violations
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy of the process of loading and delivery by 20%
  • Get rid of manual data entry: port employees will scan the relevant QR codes from now on and transfer the information to the manager’s statistical dashboard in 1 minute