Crowdfunding platform Groufi

Crowdfunding platform for raising funds for projects of different types

Target Audience

Users that want to create or participate in collecting money for some purposes: active users of online-banking apps, charity organizations, volunteers, benefactors, business and non-profit organizations that raise funds for events, travel, group needs, and others.

Project duration

6 months - MVP development (the project launch is planned for May)


  • It should be a cross-platform app with both a web and mobile presence. The majority of users use such applications from mobile devices.
  • To provide fundraising projects more opportunities, the team needs to facilitate adding new participants to the fees.
  • Some fundraising projects have to be advertised, and some are only for a narrow circle of people. The platform should provide the ability to create both public and private fundraising projects.
  • To be a trusted tool, it has to automate fundraising and make the fundraising system transparent for all users.
  • Users are looking for only reliable payment systems.
  • User-friendly and ergonomic design for web and mobile apps provides a high rate of returning users.


This project is an in-house start-up. At the very beginning, our Business Analyst researched the target audience and their needs. Then the team of Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Tech Lead created a project roadmap and its brand new prototype with platform requirements.

Working with the requirements and local users’ preferences, the UX designer developed the Groufi design.

After that, the Project Manager assigned roles in the development team between specialists with the needed technology stack and experience. Our engineers provided not only in-time development of the platform but also the analysis of the available payment platforms integration to choose one that fits.

Now the project is in the performance and stress-testing stage. The launch is planned for May.


Analytical dashboard for users that have joined the raising project
Raising projects are divided into categories to give the user more options for selection and for the project owner more opportunities for promotion
Ability to download the analytical reports in Exel format
Ability to create private projects with admin regulation
Extensive project editing functionality to provide beneficiaries with a detailed description
Users can find projects in their region by location
QR-scanning tool inside the app


1 Project Manager
1 Team Lead
4 Software Engineers
1 Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Created a PWA application that is able for mobile and desktop users.
  • Reduced the time to collect a certain amount of money.
  • The system of money-raising is transparent for all users.
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