CRM System for lawyer company

Customer relationship management system for lawyer company


A Spanish law firm that provides services to clients in various branches of law: legal consulting, legal practice, representation of clients’ interests in court.


  1. The main goal was to improve the user experience, to get the best quality of client applications’ processing, and keep abreast of changes in the client’s case at every stage.
  2. The portal should have 2 types of access: for a client and an employee of a law firm. Each has its interface and functionality.
  3. It was necessary to automate communication with a client and minimize the cost of manual processes.
  4. Project requirements and documents were written in Spanish.

Results our team achieved

  • The MVP is at the launch stage
  • Customer survey time has become completely digitalized
  • Employees began to process applications 80% faster
  • The level of satisfaction with the quality of service increased to 95%
  • Ability to scale this project for any other services of the company
  • Ability to transfer a project to a SaaS solution


An automated tool for qualifying and advising clients
It includes management of the departments, users, roles, and division by access levels
We carried out integration with third-party accounting services and the current CRM that was used in the company
A developed module is adapted for different types of services and products of the company
User-friendly, mobile-responsive interface


1 Business Analyst
1 Project Manager
7 Software Engineers
2 Quality Assurance Engineers


Our team helped to conduct business analysis for investors. AdvantISS made a preliminary estimate of the solution development costs.

As a result, it turned out to be a start-up. The entire development cycle was on our side. Every week our engineers had calls with the client. During these calls, the client assessed the work done and made his changes. 

The project was developed specifically for one type of service. But in 4 months, the client added more functionality. Moreover, there is a perspective for cooperation and the creation of similar systems for other services and products of the company.