CRM System for artists managers

For relation management between event company and artists.

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01 Client
About project

Client info

Event Studio, that collaborates with many artists and organizes their event ideas namely exhibitions, performances, installations, presentations, openings. 

02 Challenges


The company has more than 10 event managers. They are responsible for the organizational procedures – from discussing the concept to the choice of location and publication of the announcement.  Before automation and implementation of CRM, the studio organized up to 100 events per year. Previously, event managers communicated with artists in different channels (calls, messengers, emails), used common Google tables to record agreements and organizational issues, and the concept was coordinated with the top manager in a free mode. 

The effectiveness of the Event Studio was not recorded in any way. To contact the event studio, artists had to fill out a Google form or call a familiar manager directly. Also, the locations of the agency are very scattered geographically. This made it difficult to track work progress.

03 The Solution

The Solution

Registration and idea sending. We have created a website on which artists can create their personal account and use it to communicate with the event organizer. There are application forms for the event ideas and pipeline of approving projects. The website is integrated with developed CRM, so as soon as the artist adds his personal account, his contacts and event ideas appear in the CRM.

Artist base management. Managers can make both individual and corporate artist profiles by filling in the form. The profiles of those who have registered on the site are created automatically in the CRM.

Event planning pipeline. In order to display the entire process of approving an event in a convenient form, we suggested adding pipelines.

Advanced analytics and reporting. The higher executives can analyze a managers’ performance through comprehensive visualized reports containing such metrics as events per time period, locations, event manager, and more.

Geo-tagging. We have implemented a map inside the system that displays events in real-time as well as the comments on them. There are also functions for filtering locations by events and thematic tags, showing custom markers on the map and information about the event and the organizer. We used Google Maps and the Maps JavaScript API.

04 Core features


Core features

  • Implemented access to the tool for managers and artists
  • View and manage artists’ profile
  • Built-in map
  • Using geo-tagging for showing all available locations on the map
  • Transition of the project to a new stage through the pipeline
  • Reporting: a set of reports to track efficiency, event statuses, and financials
  • Built-in chat to clarify the nuances of projects


  • Our team launched MVP in 6 months
  • Art project approval time has been reduced to 6 working days

05 Resources



6 months


3 Full-Stack Software Engineers
3 Quality Assurance Engineers
1 Business Analyst
1 Project Manager


C#, Azure Microsoft, Angular, Git, MapsJavaScriptAPI, ASP.NET



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