Migration for a manufacturing software

Technology migration and integration of 3D training system for manufacturing company


The client's company is a startup that creates complicated software products that are used by manufacturing companies to conduct simulations of different aspects of their production lines.

Project duration

Ongoing, since March 2018


The client was looking to get into a long-term relationship with a vendor that could bring a full team of experienced developers but who could also contribute some architectural elements, and that they could outsource the QA engineering setup.


AdvantISS was responsible for most web stack development. Our engineers used .NET technologies and JavaScript frameworks on the front end. We ended up working primarily with C#. .NET, and Vue.js. 

The client has an in-house team that is focused on the 3D part, and they have a senior project architect and CTO on their side. But there is a project manager on our side to take more of the administrative tasks, planning, and time management so we could become semi-autonomous.

As the product has become more complex, we played a strong role in ensuring that the QA engineering side of the testing framework has been implemented in a way that has helped us maintain and more importantly, improve quality. 


SCRUM with two weeks sprints managed by our PM (JIRA/TM4J)


Legacy web management console application migration from Angular.js MVC to Vue.js SPA
Development of new features for the web management console application of the main product solution
Design features according to high-level business goals
Jenkins CI managing
Architecture design


1 Project Manager
1 Software Architect
1 Back-end Developer
2 Front-end Developers


  • System customization was made for each client
  • Several features were suggested by our team
  • We have made the transition of the project to more modern front-end technologies
  • Our team had some customer deliveries on 4 occasions during that period
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