Migration for a governmental portal

Website redesign, technology migration, single-page application development, and solution architecture update for a governmental portal.

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01 Challenge
About project


The client is a development department of the Ministry in EU-country. This institution deals with finance and taxes. They have a platform (portal with a document management system) for running some affairs.

The Ministry had used this platform for several years before our team joined the project. The solution architecture and design were created almost 15 years ago using old technologies like ASP.NET Webforms and jQuery and needed to be redesigned and updated due to modern UX interfaces, migrate to single page application on Angular and Backend on .Net Core engine. The new solution had to persist all features as in the existing product, but become more maintainable, performant, and user-friendly.

02 Solution

Partnership by an outstaffing (staff augmentation) model

The project was managed on the client’s side by the in-house project manager and business analyst. Our team was responsible for the components redesign, front-end and back-end development, and quality assurance (testing) as well.

We started by migrating to a single-page application on Angular and a backend on the .Net Core engine. It allowed us to create a more modern UX interface while preserving all of the features of the original product. We also made the new solution more scalable and easier to maintain.

The Ministry is now able to continue using its portal for years to come without having to worry about outdated technology. They can also add new features and functionality easier.

03 Core tasks

The scope of tasks

  • Design a new UX interface aligned to a modern design system with a mobile-first approach
  • Develop front-end SPA
  • Back-end development, and migration to the microservices architecture
  • Migrate business logic from SQL stored procedures to microservices
  • Integrate third-party APIs with backend
  • Quality assurance of the migrated functionality
04 Resources


2 years
The project is currently ongoing

1 UX designer
4 Full-stack software engineers
2 QA engineers

C# ASP.NET Core, Angular, ASP.NET Webforms, MS SQL, Terraform, Git

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