IT Staff Augmentation Services for Construction Software Company

Enhancing construction web and mobile applications with new UI components


Our UK-based client builds a platform for the construction industry that decisively guarantees compliance with Building Safety Regulations.

Project duration

December 2022 - ongoing


  • The client’s company needed to add talented software engineers to their team. However, as a startup, they struggled to find skilled developers locally due to market shortages and high expenses.
  • Their objective was to create new UI components for both mobile and web applications and maintain them to provide a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate experience.
  • Furthermore, Operance encountered difficulties in conducting technical interviews to evaluate potential candidates due to limited resources.


Combination of four solutions into one to define, curate, audit, and maintain digital building information
O&M manuals for contractors, owners, operators, and occupiers
Transformation of static information into fully digitized dynamic information that can be kept up-to-date for facilities management
Golden Thread & Building Safety Standards
Supply Chain Management
Quality Management with ISO 19650 standards


2 Flutter Software Developers joined Development Team of 9 specialists

What does this cooperation look like?

Operance chose AdvantISS due to several reasons. AdvantISS was a great culture fit, offered good value for cost, aligned with the company’s values, and had excellent talent identification.  AdvantISS’s team seamlessly integrated with Operance’s team and worked on the web application as part of their wider team.

Our engineers deliver work order tickets in two-week sprints. They also contributed to the team collaboration and sprint ceremonies, making them feel like a part of the core team. Operance is able to conduct comprehensive technical interviews with greater confidence and precision by leveraging the expertise of AdvantISS’s skilled specialists.