About us

QA testing

Qualitative product is just the right thing our customers come to us for. To provide applications and sites of a best quality, we use the full stack of modern techniques and technologies, the latest gains and practices. We prosecute quality assurance and numerous testing measures on every stage of product's lifecycle to ensure the required quality of it. Through the gained experience we realized that quality assurance not only directly affects the quality, but also helps to low total costs of ownership. Numerous testing measures are component part of QA system. We use functional testing to analyze specifications of system’s or its components functionality. We also execute performance testing which allows us to see how a product will manage with variation of load. Usability testing is also provided by the specialists of our company while controlling quality factor. It supposes both testing of UI and cross platform testing. The first one is applied to evaluate product’s usability and user friendliness, while the second one is necessary to find out if the soft works correctly on multiple platforms and/or operation systems. Our masters also conduct maintenance testing as well as tests of compatibility and security. All above-mentioned actions are intent on identifying any possible bags and deficiencies and their fixing in order to provide our customers with a well-worked and qualitative product they expect to receive.