Search API Integration for Callcenter

API Integration from external search engines. This solution is the integration of your Internet resource from API data aggregators of educational institutions. With one click of a button our service selects the best personal offer with regard to education. Schoolchildren and applicants will easily find education programs, universities, colleges, boarding schools, summer programs, and programs for intensive study of languages with the help of our system for searching educational institutions. You can find the most suitable university by applying filters and searching by location, areas of interest, current educational level, study direction, or an academic degree you are interested in. Such integration will allow you to profitably expand the functional capabilities of your site, so you can easily find among the offered options the functionality which would be effective for your web-resource. As an optimal solution, we offer the WSO2-ESB integration platform. It’s an easy and fast decision in the field of integration of information systems. With the support of all protocols, having a wide range of connectors to different systems, this product is ideal for the integration task.