how it works

Do you have an idea or industrial task?

First of all it’s necessary to decide what you want to receive at the final stage. Maybe you just have an idea, but haven't a clue of what it should look like at the end. Then we’ll find it out together! We will do our best to understand all the vital components of your concept and to choose the most relevant technologies stack for its realizing. Or maybe you already possess a clear vision of an end product you want to have. Then we’ll do everything we can to maximum accurately put your perception into practice sticking to any details and desiderates. Or rather you have an industrial task and need to find a proper solution for it. In such case our gurus of development will investigate into the matter and provide you with all possible ways to solve the task.

You need a specialist for solving this task!

It doesn’t matter whether you already have an idea, a clear vision of a product or an industrial task. In every of these cases you should find the right development team. We know that clients today don’t want to hire a specialist who is just excellent at writing codes, but want to co-operate with a team of experienced professionals that possess such traits as thoughtfulness, creativeness and innovativeness. Our developers never keep to the beaten track, but with a help of each other strive to find a unique way to solve any tasks and challenges.

It's our profile! WELCOME!

Here we are! Advantiss – is a team of talented developers that are always ready to make use of all their skills. All of us are not just successive and experienced developers. Each team member is a truly craftsman in the sphere and is always ready to:

  • risk and try new ways in order to fully realize Your concept of the project;
  • learn and explore the latest technologies to provide You with the best results;
  • to innovate new techs and perfect yourself for You to receive the product that is ahead of the time.

We will listen carefully to you and study the statement of the problem in detail

Our clients are engaged in the development process right at the outset of our collaboration. At the first stage of the process we carefully listen to all your objectives, demands and desires you expect to see in an end-product. We pay a high attention to details aiming to form the most accurate and clearest picture of your vision and to receive the answers to the next questions:

  • what is the product you want?
  • what are the goals it should solve?
  • when you want it to be done?

We differ from the else because we always make our approach personalized and based on customers’ specific needs.

Prepare the project plan and architecture des

As soon as we receive all the necessary background information about your conception of the project, we begin bringing it to life. But before developers start to write a code, it needs to be done all the preparative work. At this juncture we make a project plan and form an architecture des. Our managers, developers and designers work in a strong collaboration with each other. We form a schedule to bring into accordance with all tasks; we also draft documentation, make a prefeasibility study and work out a final strategy. While completing any of these steps, we’re always taking into account your needs and making sure that all of them were materialized into action.

We will coordinate the project with you

Your demands and goals of the project are the main thing we are guided by. During the worker process you will always keep your finger on the pulse. Our clients are always provided with up-to-date data such as progress updates and reports of performance, quality, account etc. We are attentive to changes and requirements you might want to make. Thus we are always able to correct running tasks and short-term targets to be sure completely sure that we are on the right path to the perfect end-product.

We will develop in time

We are aware of how the developing process should go and how to manage it. Therefore we can guarantee that we’ll develop your product right in time. Working step by step we can feel certain that all of tasks and problems will be solved according to the schedule. Co-operating with us you will never get to know what delay is.

We will launch into production

This is where we make your vision a real active site or program. At the stage of development our specialists build all components of the site or app, construct the user interface and user experience, test product for the purpose of performance, usability, user friendliness, functionality, security etc. After completing all the previous stages, if you’re entirely satisfied with the result our professionals have made, you’ll receive the end-product which totally corresponds to your expectations and settled goals.

We will provide accompanyingand technical supp

The end of the development process doesn’t mean the end of our co-operation with customers. We will give technical support in all possible way and surely will provide further accompanying. Anything you may need in future usage of the program or site we’ve made, we will supply you with. Our specialists will help you with settings and updates, and lend a hand in general consultations so you will be able to experience all the functions, benefits and opportunities of the product.

Your business is booming

Our developers only provide customers with the best possible sites, apps and programs which are notable for innovations, functionality and high performance. They are made via use of the latest technologies and bold decisions to solve your business tasks at the very moment and to reach the full potential of your business in the nearest future.