The secret from Google on creating an effective team

HGoogle have conducted an interesting study about the working teams and I will try to briefly retell it. The issue of the effectiveness of teams was indistinct for Google. During their regular survey they revealed that this factor is more important than a “good leader” from the point of view of total productivity. In 2012, they launched the “Project Aristotle” which task was to determine what makes the team truly successful. And Google truly believes in graphs and numbers so If something is not proven mathematically, this does not exist. ...

Blockchain is dead, long live blockchain

Once not so long ago, a world-wide data storage algorithm called blockchain was created. And every mention of the technology is bound to the currency, initially to Bitcoin and later to many of its counterparts. But bitcoin itself has stepped forward, retaining the vision and basic technological principles. Projects were trying to achieve something new, but no one undertakes to separate these two concepts. Everyone always says to distinguish and share, but all the projects are attached to the fact that the blockchain must go together with some kind of currency. ...